Care & Maintenance

Rustic and/or reclaimed wood furniture is a significant investment expected to last for generations to come.  To maintain its beauty and finish, wood furniture requires the correct care and cleaning.  Most of our products are one of a kind, so we want to inform you on how to care for your wood furniture.  The following tips will help you to care for the furniture:

*  Furniture should be loaded and unloaded manually.

*  While unpacking furniture, use care if using a blade/knife as these can scratch the furniture.

* Avoid spilling liquids on wood surfaces.  Liquids may leave a mark on the furniture.  Use a dry, soft cloth to clean up any liquids as soon as possible.

*  Climate changes can, and will affect wood over time.  Cracks and warping can appear on the wood.  Do not expose furniture to any excessive hot or cold places.

*  Exposure to direct sun light or to excessive heat may harm the finish.

*  Do not use strong chemical polish or cleaners, as it can harm the finish.  Wet cloths may also harm the finish.   Daily cleaning should be done with a dry, soft cloth.

*  Coasters and mats should always be used when placing hot or cold food/beverages directly on the surface of the furniture.